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Maybe They Forgot to Tell Lexus

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The word from both Detroit and Europe seems to be that Lexus’s days are numbered vis-à-vis its enviable position in the luxury market. But one wonders.

“Winning one award is quite an achievement, and proof an automaker is able to meet its customers’ needs.” That’s George Peterson, president of AutoPacific, a marketing research and product consulting firm. AutoPacific, among other things, hand out awards. Like the Vehicle Satisfaction Award. The Ideal Vehicle Award. The Motorist Choice Award (partnering with IntelliChoice.com for this one). Owner Recommendations.

For 2009, AutoPacific collected data from more than 32,000 new vehicle owners on 48 attributes. Satisfaction, value, comfort, styling, size, performance, reliability, and fuel economy among them. Numbers are crunched. Award winners are determined.

Peterson continued, “But winning all four honors in a single year. . . .”

The Premium Luxury Car segment: swept by the Lexus LS.



The Luxury Mid-size Car: Lexus ES.



“Lexus owners are very satisfied with their vehicles, and it’s clear Lexus designs and builds vehicles finely tuned to its target buyers. Lexus’s performance, luxury, safety, and dependability truly match its cars’ reputation,” said Peterson.

Maybe they’ll start counting those numbered days after they stop counting all of the trophies.

[BTW: Another car won all four awards, too: the 2009 Honda Fit, which handily took the Economy Car segment.]