| 5:02 AM EST

Maybe You Should Reroute Your Vacation


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If you’re going to be setting out on your summer vacation soon, perhaps taking a long drive across the U.S., then you might be careful depending on just where it is that your TripTik takes you.


Michael Sivak, a research professor at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, has crunched some numbers and discovered that although road fatalities across the U.S. are down about 23% since 2005, some states are a bit dicey when it comes to driving.

Looked at from the point of view of fatality rates per 1-billion miles traveled, West Virginia and South Carolina area tied for a dubious first place at 17.6. Montana follows at 17.3.

And when calculated in terms of 100,000 people, the northern Plains seems to be the place you don’t want to be, as the highest rates are North Dakota (24.3), Wyoming (21.3) and Montana (20.4).

The numbers for Montana certainly aren’t that good. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it really is quite beautiful there, and perhaps people just are more concerned at looking at the landscape rather than the road ahead.

Be careful out there.