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Mazda Makes More Crossovers

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Think compact crossovers aren’t going to be taking over the roads and highways the world over sometime soon?

Think again.

The latest evidence comes from Mazda, which announced earlier this week that it has added production of its CX-3 to its Hofu plant in Yamaguchi, Japan.


This is the third plant that’s making the vehicle.

The first plant to produce the crossover is the Ujina Plant No. 1 in Hiroshima, which started production of the vehicle in December 2014. It is worth noting that Ujina 1 also builds the CX-5 and CX-9 crossovers.

The AutoAlliance (Thailand) Co. plant in Thailand started CX-3 production in October 2015.

“We’re aiming for a production system that gives us more flexibility in terms of plants and models,” Masatoshi Maruyama, managing executive officer in charge of global production.

And this flexible production system is aimed at having the capability of producing up to 50 percent crossovers.

Chances are they’re going to have to boost that percentage.

Comparatively speaking, Mazda is a small builder. It is working to achieve global sales of 1.65-million vehicles by 2019.

Clearly, the company executives realize that the way to achieve growth is through meeting the demands on the global market, and this means more crossovers.

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