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Mazda Sales Weaken But Racing Spirit Is Strong

Even though its U.S. sales aren’t doing particularly well, Mazda has launched a new Mazda3 for customers who happen to participate in an international touring car series. Honest.
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(Images: Mazda)

Yesterday Mazda announced its September 2019 sales. They weren’t good, except that if you look at sales for the CX-3 for the month and compare them with the sales in September 2018, there was a sizable 18.9 percent increase. Yet the number sold last month was 1,449 units, so it's not like there is a whole lot of sheet metal moved.

Mazda has the best red in the business. Arguably, the Mazda lineup in red impressive. Some of the best body work bar none.

Unfortunately, Mazda has a lot of red ink when looked at sales-wise for the first three-quarters of this year. To put it in the most succinct manner: it is down 11.5 percent for the year compared to where it was at this point in 2018.

Yes, every single vehicle in the company’s lineup—car and crossover alike—has generated red ink through this point in 2019.

Saved by an old saw? “Win on Sunday. Buy on Monday.” That has long been a justification of OEMs’ involvement in motorsports.

And that very well could be what Mazda hopes will happen.

Hours after announcing September sales, Mazda Motorsports announced the all-new Mazda3 TCR race car.

Mazda3 TCR


The rationale: “TCR represents a great opportunity for us to showcase the new Mazda3 and provide our customers another avenue to race Mazda vehicles.”

That’s right: this isn’t a case of someone buying a Mustang or Camaro because their favorite NASCAR driver pilots a, well, non-stock version of one of those cars, but Mazda owners actually take their cars to the track.

Moro went on to say, “Some of our most important successes in IMSA and SRO TC Americas have been tanks to dedicated customers who chose to race with Mazda, and we hope the next generation of Mazda racers see the same potential in the Mazda3 TCR.”

In case you’re wondering: TCR is touring car racing and the series runs internationally; there are 36 sanctioned events.

The Mazda3 TCR vehicle, developed and produced by Long Road Racing, which also developed the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup car (yes, there’s one of those, too), is powered by a 350-hp turbocharged four; there is a paddle-shifted six speed.

Just thinking. . .Wouldn’t a Mazda-thon or something help move more metal in the U.S. market?


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