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Mazda’s Hydrogen Car Update



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While there is still a long way to go before there are a whole lot of hydrogen vehicles out there, Mazda has leased its fifth Premacy Hydrogen rotary engine hybrid. It has been delivered to the Iwatani Corp. of Japan. The vehicle, the second in the Iwatawi fleet, will be based at the Kitakyushu Hydrogen Station in Kyushu, the southwestern island of Japan.


The Premacy—known as the Mazda5 here—is equipped with a hydrogen rotary engine with a dual fuel system, which means that it can run on either gasoline or hydrogen. It has a 35-MPa hydrogen tank, as well as a lithium-ion battery pack and a 110-kw AC synchronous motor. The vehicle is said to have a 200-km range, which is said to be twice that of Mazda’s previous hydrogen vehicle, the RX-8 Hydrogen RE.

Iwatani, by the way, is an energy development company.

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