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McLaren Adds Even More Specialness

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This year McLaren Automotive will produce approximately 1,400 cars in its remarkable manufacturing facility, the McLaren Production Centre, in Woking, Surrey, England.

By any measure, that’s specialized production.


And the vehicles that they produce, like the 650S and the Asia-only 625C, are nothing if not special.

But there is special. And there is special.

Because McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has just launched a series of, well, ever-progressing specialness.

“There is a strong desire for drivers to personalize the cars and I’m convinced that the introduction of the MSO Defined line will prove popular among our customers.

“Every McLaren is unique but now, with more choice than ever before, we are enabling our customers to truly express themselves through their vehicles.”

That’s Paul Mackenzie, executive director of MSO.


MSO Defined allows the addition of things like aerodynamic exterior components and weight-saving elements like a full carbon fiber rear deck.

Prior to MSO Defined, McLaren has allowed its owners to partake of MSO Bespoke. This is uber specialness. Customers can specify things ranging from paint color and upholstery to body modifications.

According to the company, 20% of the 650S models produced in 2014 have had MSO Bespoke content.

And for the McLaren P1, a car that is by its very nature special, inasmuch as there were only 375 produced, the MSO Bespoke option was selected by 95% of the customers.

Trust me: even an ordinary McLaren isn’t.

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