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McLaren/Carbon Fiber

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As the industry is in the midst of what can only be described as a “Materials Revolution,” the concentration is mainly on advanced high-strength steel and aluminum, with some making consideration of carbon fiber composites, although this is still an outlier.

Except at McLaren Automotive.


Yes, that’s bona-fide carbon fiber on the McLaren 570S Coupe, which  is being introduced next week

The company first used carbon fiber into a racing chassis in 1981. The car was the McLaren MP4/1. It used the material for the chassis in a production car in 1993.

And it hasn’t built a car—racing or road—without a carbon fiber chassis since.

Next week McLaren will be introducing a new vehicle to its lineup, unveiling it at the New York Auto Show.

It is the 570S Coupe, a two-seat sports car. It is powered by a 562-hp V8. (The nomenclature actually contains that power rating: 570 is the metric horsepower rating.)

Yes, of course, the 570S Coupe has a carbon fiber chassis. And as that image shows, other elements made with the material, as well.