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Meet Your Self-Driving "Budii"

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Cars that can drive themselves are definitely in our future. But developing them will require help from companies outside the traditional auto industry.

That’s why EY has contributed its testing, consulting and in-depth industry know-how to help create “Budii,” an autonomous concept vehicle made in partnership by Swiss think tank Rinspeed AG and a long list of auto suppliers and other machinery, hardware and software companies.

Budii is a heavily modified BMW i3 electric car that can drive itself but also turn over control to a human pilot, explains Peter Fuss, EY’s senior automotive advisory partner for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The car features a highly sophisticated robotic steering column, high-rise 3-D laser mapping device and a hideaway pair of electric two-wheel mini-bikes stowed on board. Click here to learn more about this concept vehicle and EY's relationship with Rinspeed.


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