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Mercedes and the Price of Luxury

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Some people question how “low” Mercedes can go in terms of the vehicles offered to the U.S. market.

That is, there is a general notion of what “a Mercedes” is so far as most people are concerned, and it is something that is in the “luxury” category, and “luxury” generally signifies something that is a solid sedan or a seriously sporty coupe.


smart forjeremy

Although smart falls under the Daimler umbrella, there is still a significant arms-length between Mercedes products and those that are offered by the quirky producer of diminutive vehicles that appear to belong as much at an amusement park as on highways—maybe more for the former than the latter.


Mercedes CLA

There is the forthcoming CLA, which starts at $29,900, which strike some as low would like to image a Mercedes retailing for in order to maintain its luxury image. After all, the 2014 Kia Cadenza has a starting price of $35,100. The point here is not that the Kia is priced too high (we haven’t driven it yet, but will next month, but given the size and content, it seems not out of line), but that Mercedes might be going too low.

However, this is simply a culturally based perception, because in other parts of the world, such as its home base in Germany, one is as likely to see a Mercedes taxi and one would see a Crown Victoria in New York. And there are smaller variants of Mercedes cars too, such as the A Class and the B Class.


Mercedes A Class


What’s more, there is this, the 2013 Kids’ Bike, designed for children between three and six. It is priced at €299.90. Who would have imagined a new, bona fide Mercedes vehicle for about $400?


Yes, a real Mercedes