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Mercedes By Sea

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The genre of alternative history could be applied here: Gottlieb Daimler actually built a motor boat more than 125 years ago and cruised up the Neckar River in it.

Imagine if he’d thought that this was the way to travel and that things with tires were just not worth pursuing.

Apparently the people at Mercedes haven’t entirely given up on the ship-based mode, as the designers at Mercedes-Benz Style—who also developed the Eurocopter EC145 helicopter—are working on what is being called the “Silver Arrow of the seas,” a 14-meter yacht.


The yacht is being engineered and built by Silver Arrows Marine of the U.K.; it is scheduled to be ready to take to the water in 2013.

It’s not that these Mercedes designers have given up on cars. But as Gorden Wagener, head of Design for Mercedes-Benz Cars, explained, “Giving shape to a boat was an exciting challenge for automotive designers like we are. Our task was to explore how to apply the Mercedes-Benz design language to the particular proportions and specific requirements of a boat. We wanted to create something special and what we have come up with is indeed unique.”

One of the last things that the Mercedes designers worked on that was nearly as big as the yacht was something of a land yacht, the Maybach 62. It, however, is a paltry 6.171 meters long.


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