| 10:43 AM EST

Mercedes Sindelfingen: Going On 100, Going Strong

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Although there is a tendency to equate “efficiency” with “modernity,” it is interesting to note that the Mercedes-Benz Cars Plant in Sindelfingen—Daimler’s biggest production plant anywhere in the world—the factory where models including the S-Class, E-Class, CLS, and soon the Mercedes-AMG GT sports car are produced, will turn 100 next year.

That’s right: the plant that makes key cars in the Mercedes lineup is going to be a century old.

What’s similarly impressive is the fact that Daimler has recently announced that by 2020 it will invest €1.5-billion in the plant to improve its competitive position.

This money will be spent on things including a new body shop, a new paint shop, and a new assembly facility for the next-gen E-Class. A new logistics center for the E-Class will also be established at the Sindelfingen plant.

Sometimes there is something to be said for something that is old.