| 3:29 PM EST

Microcontroller for Advanced Auto Applications



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Although the new family of microcontrollers developed by Infineon (infineon.com), the AURIX TC3xx, can be used for conventional engine management and transmission control, the company is looking forward to emerging applications: “The AURIX TC3xx family will advance the automated and electrical car,” said Peter Schaefer, Vice President and General Manager, Microcontrollers at Infineon. In the area of hybrid and electric powertrains, the microcontrollers can be applied to hybrid domain control, inverter control, battery management and DC-DC converters.

For safety-related areas, they can be used for airbag, braking, sensor-based systems and other applications. In the case of radar-based applications, for example, there is a radar processing sub-system with up to two dedicated signal processing units running at 300 MHz.

Presently Infineon offers the AURIX TC2xx microcontrollers, but whereas they feature up to three TriCore cores (this is a combination of a RISC processor core, DSP and microcontroller), the TC3xx family can provide up to six of them. (However, it is worth noting that the second generation TC3xx family is compatible with the previous AURIX TC2xx generation.)