| 12:00 AM EST

Mitutoyo CMM Offers Speed and Precision

Machine from Aurora, IL-based company provides new levels of performance and economy.


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Speed. Performance. Precision. No, we’re not talking about the latest 2012 vehicle on the market (but if you’re interested in that sort of thing, click here). Those are just some of the words Mitutoyo America Corp. uses to describe its new CRYSTA-Apex S coordinate measuring machine (CMM).  It has a maximum error of MPEE= (1.7+3L/1,000) µm. Maximum speed is 519 mm/s and maximum acceleration is 2,309 mm/s².
The fully flexible 3D measuring machine is equipped with the UC-400 controller, which regulates the digital servo system control loops. It features a granite surface plate into which the Y-axis guide rail is integrated, thereby enhancing rigidity. Precision air bearings are used throughout (e.g., bottom, front, rear, and upper surfaces of the X-axis slider) to minimize vibration and to assure stability during high-speed, high-acceleration operations. A temperature compensation system uses thermal sensors that send data to the controller to ensure measurement accuracy under various temperature conditions. 
A wide variety of probes can be used, including the MPP-310Q scanning probe, which collects cloud point data at speeds up to 120 mm/s.


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