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Mondo-chic EV Concept from Honda

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As autofieldblog readers know, we are fans of electric vehicles (EVs). Heck, for our first-ever “Car of the Year” we selected the Nissan LEAF we think they’re so important. And while we think the Tesla Roadster is an extremely sweet-looking car*, we’ve got to say that this concept—designed at Honda’s Research and Design facility in. . .Milan (yes, it is hard to imagine something with this much panache coming from anywhere else)—the Honda 3R-C is the coolest EV not on the road today.


Yes, it is a one-person three-wheeler, though certainly not a tricycle. The battery electric drivetrain and mounted so there is a low center of gravity, which contributes to better stability.

The clear canopy serves as a windshield during driving and covers the driver’s seat when the 3R-C is parked. The high sides of the vehicle are designed to provide impact protection. One can only assume that impacts might occur with other 3R-Cs or, maybe, Segways. . . .

* Yes, this, too. . .


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