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Mustang DUB Edition Coming

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On May 3, when April sales were reported, the news was pretty darn good for the folks in Dearborn, although there was one group that probably was a bit down in the mouth: the Mustang team, because not only was the Mustang the only Ford model that had a minus sign in front of the figure for its April 2010 sales vs. April 2009 sales (off 33.2%), but in terms of year-to-date sales figures, while there is a 20.1% improvement in the total compared with last year, the 20,836 is well behind the number for the cross-town rival Camaro, of which there have been 29,907 moved so far in 2010. And as regards April 2010 in particular, there were 5,145 Mustangs sold and 9,150 Camaros, which is a considerable delta.



The competitor

However, on May 3 the Mustang team was feeling a bit better than they otherwise might have because that was also the day the company announced the forthcoming availability of the 2011 DUB Edition Mustang, a collaboration between Ford, DUB magazine, and Roush Industries. This model is based on the 3.7-liter V6 Mustang (coupe, convertible or glass-roof versions). Specifically, it will be tricked out with such things as 20s, a Roush front fascia and splitter, Roush lowering springs, a black interior, and a DUB logo embroidered in the front headrest, as well as a DUB stripe package.



The goal is to bring new buyers into the Mustang corral. As Fritz Wilke, Mustang brand manager, put it, “We’re proud of our relationship with DUB and Roush and how they worked together to bring a new look to Mustang, helping the 2011 DUB Edition Mustang V6 appeal to a whole new audience.”

But that whole new audience is going to have to wait until the fall. Which probably makes Team Camaro fairly happy.

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