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Mustangs, Camaros and F-150s

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If you’re shopping for a Mustang, you’re faced with a variety of choices, not simply in terms of the color or the wheels that you’re going to be applying to your ride, but in terms of which model you’re going to select.

2017 Ford Shelby GT350 & GT350R in new colors

There are the V6 Fastback. EcoBoost Fastback. V6 Convertible. EcoBoost Premium Fastback. GT Fastback. EcoBoost Premium Convertible. GT Premium Fastback. GT Premium Convertible. Shelby T350. Shelby GT350R. (And in case you’re wondering, the MSRP for the range starts at $25,185 and tops out at $62,345—and remember, these are the starting prices.)

The point it, in the case of Mustang, it’s the proverbial “horses for courses.”

The product planners at Ford know that having a range of products can be beneficial in terms of sales.

Consider, for example, the perennial cross-town rivalry between the Mustang and the Chevy Camaro.

For 2016, it wasn’t even close: Mustang: 105,932. Camaro: 72,705.

When it comes to light-duty pickups—as in the F-150—there is no question that Ford is dominant, leading the segment for 40 years running.

And there is certainly a range of models to choose from: XL, XLT, Lariat, Raptor, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited.

For 2018, time for a midcycle refresh, the trucks are being fitted with new grilles, headlamps, bumpers, tailgate, and tail lamps.

New 2018 Ford F-150

But what’s more interesting is what they’re doing under the hood: Offering a 3.0-liter Power Stroke diesel engine. This is the first time an F-150 has been available with a diesel.

This doesn’t make Ford unique in the light-duty pickup category with a diesel, as Ram has had a 3.0-liter V6 available starting in model year 2014. And you can get a diesel in Nissan Titans and Chevy Colorados, as well.

Still, it is clear that Ford is working to expand its reach in the segment by putting a diesel in the F-150.

New 2018 Ford F-150

(It is also worth mentioning that the standard engine for the 2018 F-150 is an all-new 3.3-liter V6 (the previous standard had been a 3.5-liter engine). There is also an all-new 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine, which, like the diesel, will be mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission—the only 10-speed in the segment. And also getting the 10-speed is the 5.0-liter V8, which is said to be “improved.” Funny thing: it wasn’t all that long ago that “pickup” and “V8” went hand-in-hand.)


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