| 7:20 AM EST

“Naomi for Haiti”



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Like individuals and a wide array of organizations and other corporations, the global auto industry has shown its generosity in providing a variety of aid—from funds to vehicles—to the earthquake-stricken people of Haiti. While vehicle manufacturers are often criticized for anything from providing products that don’t work right to polluting the planet, they tend to be respectful global citizens—far more than they’re given credit for.


One of the more interesting programs in support of Haiti brings together supermodel Naomi Campbell and Lotus Cars. Eight specially built Lotus Evora sports cars—designated “Naomi for Haiti” Evoras—will be auctioned off during a charity fashion show on February 18 in London, England, during Fashion Week. If there are any left, they will be entered into an auction starting 0800 GMT on February 19 and ending at 1200 GMT on February 28.


Here’s hoping the cars go big and go fast—we mean big in money and, well, they go fast, we mean sell fast.