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Need to Know: IMTS 2012

International Manufacturing Technology Show - September 10-15, 2012 - Chicago, IL.
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The 2012 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) marks the 29th edition of the event which will take place Sept. 10-15 at McCormick Place in Chicago. More than 1,800 exhibiting companies will take over 1.1-million ft2 of exhibit space, attracting between 85,000 and 90,000 manufacturing industry professionals from more than 119 countries.

Exhibitors will be on hand to showcase more than 15,000 machine tools, controls, computers, software, components, systems, and processes. While you are checking out the show floor, you’ll have an opportunity to network with company representatives and fellow attendees to discuss what’s happening in manufacturing to find ways to efficiently and effectively do your job while staying ahead of the competition.

Exhibitors at the show are organized into 10 pavilions geared toward specific industries, technologies and solutions: Abrasive Machining/Sawing/Finishing; Controls & CAD-CAM; EDM; Gear Generation; IANA—Industrial Automation North America; Machine Components/Cleaning/Environmental; Metal Cutting; Metal Forming & Fabricating/Laser; Quality Assurance; Tooling & Workholding Systems.

In addition to the tradeshow, the IMTS 2012 Conference schedule has 72 industry-specific sessions with experts discussing the five topic areas: materials, manufacturing technology, alternative manufacturing processes, quality/metrology, and plant operations. The sessions, scheduled for Sept. 10-14, are set up to explore innovative technologies, business development and optimization, plus workforce efficiency and productivity. Special emphasis will be placed on maintaining focus on your short- and long-term goals during a tough economic environment. For complete conference details, go to imts.com/conference.

IMTS has teamed up with Deutsche Messe to co-locate the first Industrial Automation North America (IANA). IANA will showcase products and solutions for production automation, complementing IMTS’ focus on manufacturing technology, metalworking and precision manufacturing.

The Emerging Technology Center (ETC) will feature a Local Motors (localmotors.com) Rally Fighter car, built live on the show floor, as part of the Collaborative Manufacturing section of the ETC. Local Motors is the first disruptive U.S. automaker to enter the market in decades, and is built on the principle of collaborative manufacturing. The designs for its cars come from an open source design community. The ETC will also address the technologies of additive manufacturing, MTConnect, and MTInsight.

For complete information on the 2012 IMTS event, visit imts.com.


IMTS:     Fast Facts
Where:    McCormick Place; Chicago, IL
When:     September 10-15, 2012
Building Show Hours:
    East Hall: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    West Hall: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    North Hall: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    South Hall: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
 Exhibits Only—
 Individual Registration
         •    $30 per person—
            through Aug. 10
         •    $50 per person—
            Aug. 14 – Sept. 15
 Exhibits Only—
 Group Registration
    (5 or more; same company; all registering at same time)
         •    $15 per person—through Aug. 10
         •    $30 per person—through Aug. 11 – Sept. 15
2012  Conference:
When:     Monday, Sept. 10 –
        Friday, Sept. 14
Where:     McCormick Place—
        West Building, Level 1
Pricing:    Full pass—$495
        Day Pass—$295
How:     Go to imts.com/visitor/reg.html for registration and other details



Walter USA—Booth W-1700

WALTER USA, Inc. (walter-tools.com) will showcase its Tiger•tec Silver tool for turning operations. The cutting tool technology is designed for resistance to cratering, flank wear and plastic deformation, reducing machining times, and ensuring higher process reliability. The combination of three new insert grades (WPP10S, WPP20S, and WPP30S) and four new geometries (FP5, MP3, MP5, and the RP5) are designed to increase tool life and productivity of steel turning applications. Walter will also feature Titex X•treme Inox solid carbide drills; Prototyp Proto•max Inox solid carbide end mills; ValCool VPLFC low-foaming coolant; and Valenite indexable milling cutters.

Promess—Booth E-5076

Promess Inc. (promessinc.com) is introducing a line of fully electric assembly presses with a press ram that can rotate and apply torque. The line comes standard with a built-in load cell and torque transducer to measure the pressing force and torque. The units are designed for easy setup and are programmed with Promess’ Multi Axis Motion and Data Acquisition controller.

Chevalier Machinery—Booth S-9066

The FSG-2040ADIII Series auto-matic surface grinder from Chevalier Machinery Inc. (www.ChevalierUSA.com) includes a new PLC controller that provides a grind cycle that has rough grinding, fine grinding, spark-out passes and an automatic over-wheel dresser with compensation, which can be added to fully automate the grind process. The FSG’s new user-friendly touch screen control has standard surface grinding programs, as well as a plunge grinding cycle. There is also an optional crisscross or zigzag, as well as a CBN dressing cycle.

Hyundai WIA—Booth S-8948

Hyundai WIA Machine America Corp. (hyundai-wia.com) will display a series of CNC turning centers, including the multitasking LM1600/1800TT. These turning centers with milling capability feature high-power, built-in spindle motors and upper and lower turrets. Synchronized facing twin spindles reduce idle time and BMT-type turrets assure accuracy and power. Rapid high-speed axis movement is achieved with linear motion guideways in the Z-axis, complimented by box guide ways in the X- and Y-axes, for added rigidity. 

GF AgieCharmilles—Booth S-5127

GF Machining Solutions AgieCharmilles (gfac.com) will display its Mikron HPM 450U, a high-performance milling machine with a torque rotary/tilt table for unencumbered, interference-free 5-axis machining for both micro and macro applications. It also features a pallet changer and efficient spindle options. It is adaptable to a variety of needs, from simple drilling to complex 5-sided and simultaneous 5-axis machining processes. The company will also showcase its wire and die-sinking EDM solutions, including the Cut 2000 AWC with an automatic wire changer and Drill 300.

Komet—Booth W-2400

The MicroKom BluFlex fine adjustment head tool system from KOMET of America Inc. (komet.com) uses Bluetooth wireless networking so the display can be disconnected from the tool head, making it easier and more convenient to read data. When adjusting the tool system, a user can move the display to suit the conditions on site. A part-balancing system allows the precision adjustment head to achieve rotational speeds up to 20,000 rpm, while the modular KOMET ABS interface is designed for easy adaptation to different machine spindles. It uses AAA batteries.

Rattunde Corp.—Booth N-6737

Rattunde Corp. (rattunde-corp.com) will display the ACS + CFMcurve sawing and machining center. The ACS Sawing Machine performs cold saw cutting and utilizes a proprietary sawing algorithm with servo-controlled feed to adjust parameters during each cut. The CFMcurve machining center uses a process that simultaneously machines each workpiece end, using 12 independent servo-controlled axes. Machining options include: threading, boring, profile turning, grooving, radius edges, and angled chamfering.

Mazak Corp.—Booth S-8300

Mazak Corp. (mazakusa.com) will display its Hyper Quadrex 250MSY turning center equipped with a bar feeder. The machine’s twin-opposed turning spindles can operate together or independently. The spindles are supported by large-diameter bearings for high rigidity. The main spindle features a 10-in. chuck, 3.58-in. bore, and 35-hp integral motor that provides a maximum 4,000-rpm speed. The second spindle has an 8-in. chuck, 2.55-in. bore, and a 30-hp integral motor that offers a 5,000-rpm top speed. Both have full C-axis CNC control for part positioning and contouring with indexing increments of 0.0001º. It uses the Mazatrol Maxtrix 2 CNC control.

BIG Kaiser—Booth W-1600

BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc. (bigkaiser.com) will showcase the Kaiser Series 310 EWD Precision Finish Digital Boring Head with setting accuracy shown on a built-in digital display. The measurement system shows linear movement of the tool carrier in both directions during adjustments of 0.00005 in. or 0.001 mm. The boring heads use insert holders from the 310 EWN program for maximum boring range per head and compatibility with existing special design insert holders. The company will also display its Smart Damper; SW Accessory Insert Holders; BIG Daishowa R-Cutter and ATC Alignment Tool; Diaset contact presetter and bench-top presetter; Speroni Futura CNC; Innotool ROC Mineral Cast tombstone workholding technology; and Sphinx Power-Phoenix drills and Micro Tricut Drill.

Zagar Inc.—Booth W-1254

The Workholding Group of Zagar, Inc. (zagar.com) has four main product families: vises; rotary tables (numerous diameters and feature auto-home switches, pneumatic and hydraulic brakes, CNC control integration, and stand-alone controls); special fixtures including tombstone styles; and collets for both internal and external grip to hold round, square, hex, and contoured shapes.

Datron Dynamics—Booth N-6049


Datron Dynamics (datron.com) will launch the Datron C5 high-speed milling machine for simultaneous, five-axis machining of small parts. It is capable of machining titanium, steel, non-ferrous metals, and abrasive materials. The C5 accommodates parts up to 100 mm in diameter. It has a rigid 48,000 rpm spindle, precision ballscrews, and includes Heidenhain linear scales. Additionally, the C5 has a 22-station tool changer, integrated tool-length measurement, and a footprint of 1 m².

FANUC FA America—Booth S-8919


FANUC America Corporation (fanucfa.com) will be introducing new enhancements for its Series 30i-MODEL B CNC’s for five-axis and high-speed, high-accuracy machining; the Power Motion i-MODEL A CNC for general industrial machines; and the new iPendant for CNC. The enhancements for the Series 30-I CNC include the High-Speed Smooth TCP with new fair technology that reduces cycle times while improving part accuracy and quality. The Power Motion i-MODEL A offers a maximum four control paths, 32 control axes, four simultaneous control axes, and up to 16 axes by PMC axis control that can be executed independently for each axis. The iPendant is a hand-held operator’s unit for mobile operability, particularly useful for large machine tools.

Doosan Infracore Machine Tools—Booth S-8100


The DooCell manufacturing cell turning center from Doosan Machine Tools (doosaninfracore.com)—which combimes a turning machine (a machining center can be used, as well) and a robot for material handling—features a simple-to-use robot cell control and diagnostic system. It is designed for ease of use and performance assessment—an operator directs the robot to three pick points and it’s ready. Its configuration enables personnel to monitor a cell from a single screen, and its touch-screen design eliminates keyboards. DooCell’s robot arm is designed to reach stock and parts in remote sections of the pallet, without the need for drawers and trays. When encased in a cage, it measures 77 in. x 77 in. (excluding the machine tool). Equipped with either a Fanuc M10 or M20, the robot can lift parts up to 7 lb. or 12 lb. The manufacturing cell will be on display interfaced with the Lynx 220A turning center and DNM 500 machining center.


Reishauer Corp.—Booth N-7018


The RZ 60 from Reishauer (www.reishauer-us.com) has been optimized for machining planetary pinions for the automotive industry. When grinding planetary gears, the cycle times are very short due to the small size of the workpieces and large batch volumes. The large batches are primarily a result of using three to give identical planetary pinions for every automatic transmission produced. In contrast, each component occurs only once in manual or double-clutch transmission. For the machine tool, this means that high priority has been given to the reduction of the cycle times, while compromises, if required, can be made for change-over times.
 Felsomat, another member of the Reishauer Group, has developed an automation system that is optimally matched to the specific requirements of the RZ 60. In combination with the Felsomat Flex Stacking Cell FSC 600, the machine can exploit high productivity and operate autonomously without operator intervention over a period of several hours.


Schunk—Booth W-2000

The VERO-S NSE Plus from SCHUNK Inc.(us.schunk.com) is a modular quick-change system for pallets. It is designed for centering via short tapers and locking using two clamping slides. It is available in a corrosion-free, hardened standard version; a sealed system; or a dual-stroke actuation with turbo function for pull-in forces of up to 40 kN. The clamping slides use spring force to close and self-lock. The turbo function uses compressed air to increase the force in the spring packages and also at the piston surface. This increases the pull-in forces by up to 300%. Compressed air at a pressure of 6 bar opens the modules.

Jenoptik Industrial Metrology—Booth N-6569lovejoytool.com

Jenoptik Industrial Metrology (jenoptik.com) will demonstrate its Hommel-Etamic F435 and F455 automatic form measuring system. The system completes fully automatic measurement of geometrical tolerances, surface roughness, and straightness in a single setup. An advanced probe design permits roughness and waviness inspections along with form and position tolerance measurements with an adjustment on the rotary control. Designed for workpieces 430 mm in diameter and weighing up to 40 kg, it is available as a desktop version or a complete ergonomic measurement work station.


Sandvik Coromant—Booth W-1500


Sandvik Coromant Co. (sandvik.coromant.com) will display its Coromant CoroDrill 860 solid carbide drill for steel and aluminum. For the exchangeable-tip drills, the CoroDrill 870 will be extended with an optimized grade and geometry for cast iron materials. The company’s CoroMill Plura family has an extension for aluminum as well as optimization for machining in thermoplastics (e.g., die and mold applications). The CoroDrill 861 is designed for applications that need a stable tool for the deepest holes. The CoroMill 176 indexable insert cutter will also be on display.

Lovejoy Tool Company—Booth W-2214


LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. (lovejoytool.com) will display an array of special milling tools in sizes ranging from 1 to 55 in. in diameter. In addition, the company will feature standard products including high velocity tooling, PCD/CBN tooling, die and mold tooling, solid carbide end mills, porting tools, inserts for use in face mills, ball nose end mills, plunging tools, slab mills, and slotters.


Okuma America Corp.—Booth S-8500

Okuma America Corporation (okuma.com) will showcase its three-turret horizontal lathe, the LT-3000EX. The three turrets are designed for flexibility and a balanced main and right spindle. The 16-station M-function turrets have bolt-mount tooling to utilize backup tools for lights-out manufacturing or high production runs. It is designed to provide thermal deformation compensation, and features Machining-Navi (operator support software) and a collision-avoidance system. The machine will showcase P300, the newest version of Okuma’s THINC-OSP control.


Icon Technologies—Booth S-8348


ICON Technologies (icon.hydromat.com) will display its Tripod 700S Powerflex, a modular 6-axis machining center that utilizes the parallel kinematics architecture. It has the moves of a robot but the accuracy and stiffness of a conventional machine tool. Its work envelope is 800 x 800 x 400 mm. The Tripod Powerflex models feature 40 or 80 pocket tool changers. The-800 mm rotary table features a zero-point clamping system.

Delcam—Booth E-3222


Delcam (delcam.com) will demonstrate its strategy for high-speed area clearance with Vortex. Vortex is an enhancement for the 2013 release of the PowerMILL CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining. It will also be added to the FeatureCAM software for feature-based programming and the PartMaker system for programming Swiss-type lathes and turn-mill equipment. Vortex was developed to gain the maximum benefit from solid carbide tooling, in particular those designs that can give deeper cuts by using the full flute length as the cutting surface. It can be used for two- and three-axis roughing, three-plus-two-axis area clearance, and for rest machining based on stock models or reference toolpaths.

BLM Group USA—Booth E-4694


BLM Group USA (blmgroup.com) will display the EM80, an integrated CNC end machining center designed for tube processing to cut, chamfer, face, bore, thread, and profile. The unit comes with a bundle loader for up to 4,000 kg. The EM80 can handle tube diameters from 10 to 80 mm, with wall thickness from 0.8 to 12 mm; solid bar from 10 to 60 mm; and bar stock lengths from 2,500 to 120,000 mm. The blade cutting speed travels from 20 to 450 m/min.

GROB Systems Inc.—Booth S-9490


Grob Systems Inc. (grobgroup.com) will display its G550T horizontal machining center. The machine is designed to simultaneously mill parts in 5-axes as well as turn them. Its table, which operates in the A- and B-axes, can turn parts at 800 rpm. Its horizontal spindle design provides access to the workpiece on all faces including the inside of hollow parts in addition to using the maximum tool length. The G550T machining strokes are 31.4 in. X, 37.4 in. Y, and 40.1 in. Z. The table has maximum rotation of 240° in the A and 360° in the B axes. The table is driven by a torque motor for turning and is capable of various clamping systems based on part requirements.

EMAG—Booth N-6846


The VL 2 P two-spindle pendulum turning center from EMAG (emag.com) handles chucked components up to 100 mm in diameter. While one workpiece is being machined, a second spindle automatically loads itself using a pick-up device. It is designed to have short chip-to-chip times, reduced idle times, and a small footprint. There is an integrated pick-up automation system. The vertical design facilitates chip flow. The machine body is made of polymer concrete for stability. EMAG will also display its VL 5i turning machine for workpieces up to 250 mm in diameter, and the VSC 400 DDS vertical grinding and turning center that can chuck parts with a diameter up to 400 mm.

Mitsubishi—Booth N-6825


Mitsubishi EDM/Laser (mitsubishi-world.com) will showcase Mitsubishi EDM’s newest MV wire machines featuring non-contact cylindrical drive technology, an improved power supply, auto-threading, and deeper submerged-wire threading capabilities. Also on display will be four MC Milling Diamond Cut general-purpose vertical machining centers including the drill/tap TV500 with pallet changer; the ultra-rigid DM series for die/mold applications; the boxway SV series for large parts; and the general purpose MCV series.

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc.—Booth S-9419

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc. (marucit.com) will display its Cincom M432VIII Swiss-type lathe and Miyano BNA-42MSY multi-tasking bar machine, offering manufacturing solutions for 2- to 64-mm bar applica-tions. The M432VIII incorporates a third Y-axis on the back tool post and a B-axis with rotary tools on the gang tool post. The BNA-42MSY features two spindles, Y-axis equipped turret, and an X-axis on the back spindle. Complete machining can be performed on both the main and sub-spindle. The spindle motors have increased power and a high-torque revolving tool motor provides heavier cutting capability.


Seco Tools—Booth W-1564


Seco Tools Inc. (secotools.com) will showcase a range of metalcutting solutions and technologies for turning, milling, and holemaking applications. This includes Duratomic TK insert grades (TK 1001 and TK2001) for cast iron turning; Duratomic DP3000 heat-resistant inserts designed for Perfomax Indexable Drills for high feeds and speeds; the Square 6 - 04 shoulder milling cutter suited for small- and medium-sized milling machines; the Turbo 10 cutting tool for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing operations; the Double Octomill - 05 face milling cutter for smaller machines; and a new generation of disc milling cutters for large slot width (both 1 in. and 25 mm) fixed pocket cutters.

Mahr Federal—Booth E-5242


The MarSurf M 400 skidless surface metrology system from Mahr Inc. (mahr.com) features motorized probe height adjustment to automatically zero the probe in seconds, cutting measurement time in half. It features a magnetic, breakaway probe mounting system that protects sensitive probes from damage and facilitates fast probe changes. It measures all common international parameters, and features Bluetooth connectivity between the measuring system and the evaluation unit with integrated thermal printer. Skidless tracing of surface characteristics allows the capture of primary, waviness, and roughness profiles for the evaluation of more complex parameters.

Murata Machinery USA—Booth S-8874


Murata Machinery USA, Inc. (muratec-usa.com) will have its MW40 Twin Spindle CNC chucker on display. The machine is designed for precision cutting of small parts. Its maximum workpiece size is 50 mm deep x 90 mm long. The Y-axis stroke is ±25 mm with live tool capability. Additionally, Murata will showcase its MW120G lathe with a C-axis at the gantry loader with CCD camera (eliminating a rechuck station to save cycle time); and the MW50GT and MW50GT-B lathes with swivel-style gantry for flexible loading and unloading and a workpiece of 50-mm deep x 5- mm long.



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