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New Head of Interior Design for Rolls

This is a photo that you probably haven’t seen: That’s the interior of the BMW i3.
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This is a photo that you probably haven’t seen:


That’s the interior of the BMW i3. Generally you see pictures like this:


And this:


After all, for this electric vehicle, BMW tends to emphasize the fact that there is the “LifeDrive architecture concept,” which means that there is the “Life Module,” which the company points out is the “first-ever mass produced” carbon fiber reinforced plastic passenger cell, and the “Drive Module,” which consists of the 22-kWh, 450-lb., lithium-ion battery, electric drive train, MacPherson strut and five-link rear suspension, all wrapped in a 100% aluminum structure.

But at the proverbial end of the day (or for the entire drive sequence), the driver and the passenger are sitting in the interior.

The interior of the i3 was designed under the direction of Daniel Starke, who was head of BMW Interior Design, BMW i.

Which means not only the i3, but the i8:


Yes, again the exterior is the focus. Obviously.

But as of this week, Starke is head of Interior Design for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.


Which seems as far away from BMW i as you can imagine.

But perhaps that’s a good thing for Rolls-Royce.


Wraith Interior—check out the headliner (!)