| 3:08 PM EST

New Machine for Crankshaft Production


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EMAG (emag.com) has developed a grinder for passenger car crankshaft machining that features twin grinding heads, thereby permitting the simultaneous grinding of two pin or main bearings in a single setup. It is designed for smaller displacement engines, as it handles components up to 500 mm in length.

The PMD 2 grinder, which can be fitted with CBN grinding wheels, is equipped with a direct-driven work spindle, hydrostatic guideways, and a linear motor in the X-axis. What’s more, there is in-process measuring control.

Speaking to the measuring capability, Dr. Guido Hegener, managing director, EMAG Maschinenfabrik GmbH, said, “The operator enters the relevant command in the control and the measuring process is carried out once the bearing has been ground. The software, developed by EMAG, then calculates the relevant correction values from the remaining roundness errors. This allows for the subsequent manufacturing processes to be successively optimized.

Thanks to the ability to use two grinding wheels simultaneously, the PMD 2 is quick. For example, two pin bearings or main and pin bearing can be machined simultaneously. A four-cylinder crankshaft can be machined in less than two minutes.