| 5:41 AM EST

New Year’s Eve: Need to Know


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Tonight is New Year’s Eve. While we generally devote this space to issues germane to the auto industry from a professional standpoint (more or less), let’s face it: the professional and the personal coincide closely.

You may be going out tonight. You may be getting your drink on. And if this is your plan, give someone else your car keys. Someone who isn’t going to be drinking.

This graphic comes from the Centers for Disease Control—that’s right, the people who are tasked with protecting the public health from things like Ebola and other horribly scary things.



Drunk driving is a horrible scary thing.

The graphic is “Adapted from The ABCs of BAC, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2005, and How to Control Your Drinking, WR Miller and RF Munoz, University of New Mexico, 1982.”

What’s the difference between 2013 and 2005 and certainly 1982? According to the Pew Internet Project, as of May 2013, 91% of American adults own a cell phone.

Given that approximately 100% of American adults think that they are above-average drivers, and that an exceedingly high percentage of them think that they can multitask, as in driving and talking on the phone, this is not a good, especially when a few cocktails are added to the mixture.

We want you to come back here tomorrow.

So please don’t drink and drive.