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"The longer a vehicle sits unused, the more likely it is to develop issues,” says Ryan Fulkerson, director, New Model Engineering Nissan North America.

2020 Maxima

A clean and cared-for 2020 Nissan Maxima. (Images: Nissan)

And let’s face it, with most of us working from home, vehicles are sitting unused. And just as people who spend too much time sitting and not enough time moving, the lack of use is problematic.

So Fulkerson has some tips (he has five, but we combined it to four) about keeping you vehicle from having issues when we can all get back on the road.

4 Tips to Keep Your Car Healthy While in Quarantine

  1. Keep the battery charged. If you have a trickle charger, use it. If you don’t, take your car out for a quick-but-safe spin. Not only does that charge the battery, but it also circulates the fluids. What’s more, surface rust can develop on brake rotors, so driving the vehicle can clean off the rust.
  2. Check the fluids. If the vehicle sits too long, oils can settle and fluids can separate. So when you start the engine. . . . Not good.
  3. Check the tire pressure. If your vehicle sits for too long, tires can be flat-spotted. Which is certainly not a good thing. Under-inflated tires can exacerbate this. And the aforementioned short drive can help minimize flat spots.
  4. Wash your vehicle. Yes, things that collect on the surface of the vehicle can, over time, lead to paint damage, so a cleaning is helpful.

And about the last tip, Fulkerson says, “Washing a car yourself can also relieve boredom and be a great activity for the entire family.”