| 5:24 AM EST

NX on Ice

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While there are plenty of people, particularly those in the U.S. Great Lakes States, who like to drive on ice, this generally requires finding a large iced-over body of water.


However, over in the U.K., for some bizarre reason, the people at Lexus in Europe decided that it would be a good idea to literally “drive on ice,” as they had wheels and tires for an NX crossover produced with ice.

The work was done by a British firm, Hamilton Ice Sculptors.

They started out by having the wheels and tires laser scanned.

The ice was made with softened water taken from a moving flow. This is so that there were no bubbles or impurities in the ice. Because the NX has a curb weight on the order of 3,700 lb., acrylic inserts were deployed to assure that the load could be managed when the finished ice wheels were put in place.


Four sculptors worked for 36 hours on each wheel and tire, using saws and chisels to create the objects, all the way to the specific tread patterns on the tires.

The finished ice sculptures were fitted to a frozen-cold NX: the crossover had been in a deep freeze for five days at -22 F, presumably in order to help keep the ice from melting when the vehicle was driven.


No word on the distance traveled, but the question is whether the wheels gave out before the driver gave up on what had to be a seriously hard and slippery ride.