Objects of Interest - October 2006

#Citroen #Renault #HP


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FIXTURE FAST FOR VISION. The Rayco modular fixtures from R&R Sales & Engineering (www.cmmfixture.com; Grand Haven, MI) are designed for quick setup and arrangement. Can hold a variety of types of parts. Setting up the fixture to hold numerous parts can help speed inspection time. Software is available for designing the fixtures (FixtureBuilder) as well as for documenting a setup (2D Rayco Setup Program).


CUT IT WITH WATER. Actually, the 80160 JetMachining Center from OMAX (www.omax.com; Kent, WA) uses abrasive ladened-water driven by an ultra-high pressure direct-drive pump through a MAXJET 5 nozzle to cut a wide variety of hard and reflective materials including metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, and composites. The machine has a dynamic positioning accuracy of ±0.003 in. and can obtain coordinates from a CAD drawing or .DXF file. Axis travel of the machine is 168 x 80 in.


LIVE TOOLS. An assortment of standardized live tools for CNC lathes from major builders (e.g., Mori Seiki, Okuma, Mazak, etc.) is available from Lyndex-Nikken (www.lyndexnikken.com; Mundelein, IL). High-speed, coolant feed-through, axial, radial, dual output radial, and universal tool types are available. In addition to which, straight and offset units, modular quick change system, and quick-change tapping holders are also available.


VISUAL CAM. NX CAM Express is a full-function NC programming system developed for smaller and mid-size manufacturers. Said to be easy to use, the package from UGS (www.ugs.com; Plano, TX), is CAD neutral (i.e., it can be used with non-UGS packages), although it is available with Solid Edge or NX software. NX CAM Express is available in packages ranging from 2-1/2 axes to full five-axis machining.


COOL CUP HOLDERS. The 2007 Chrysler Sebring comes with heated and cooled cupholders, which Chrysler claims is a class exclusive. The cupholders can cool a beverage to 35?F, or heat it to a steaming 140?F. Given the upper end of that spectrum and the fact that the center console lid slides, it’s a good thing the seats are covered in stain- and odor-resistant fabric from Monsanto.


FORMULA ONE TECH TRANSFER. The Clio Renault Sport comes with a rear diffuser that prevents rear end lift by channeling underbody air in such a way that downforce is created without the need for a drag-inducing rear wing. At highway speeds, it produces 40 kg of downforce, and about 70 kg at triple-digit speeds. To maximize its effectiveness, the dual exhausts are located in the outer channels.


LUXURIOUS LONGEVITY. For 2007, Bentley’s twin turbo 6.75-liter V8 produces 500 hp, 738 lb-ft of torque, mates to a ZF six-speed automatic, and the combination can push the boxy Bentley Arnage T to a top speed of 179 mph. Not bad for a motor first introduced in 1959. Then the naturally aspirated engine produced around 200 hp, used 40% more fuel, and had emissions 99% higher than today’s version.


PARK IN NEUTRAL ARCHITECTS. Neutral Partners, designers of Munich’s soccer stadium, were commissioned by Citroen to design a garage befitting its C6 model. It’s built of light transmitting concrete, and has transparent sliding doors with colored LEDs that allow the owner of the $182,133 structure to make the polycarbonate panels opaque. Also, the roof can be used as a terrace, and the car can enter from the front or rear.