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Manufacturing Systems: The SLM 280 and More

SLM 280 metal additive manufacturing system. Compact Horizontal Machining Center. Versatile Solid Carbide Drill. Comprehensive CAM Software. Ergonomic Pneumatic Die Grinder.


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Metal Additive Manufacturing – MUST RUN!!!

The SLM 280 metal additive manufacturing system is designed for medium- to high-volume production of parts and prototypes. It offers the ability to operate with two 400-W or 700-W fiber lasers to increase throughput.  The company calculates that the unit can provide an 80 percent higher build rate than competitive systems. The SLM 280 features bi-directional powder application, which reduces the build time by depositing a new layer of powder in both directions without having to return to a “home” position. It is an “open” system: materials from any supplier can be used. When equipped with the modular PSV power supply unit the system can operate for extended periods because it handles 90 liters of metal powder. The build platform is 280 mm × 280 mm × 365 mm.


Compact Horizontal Machining Center

The Tongtai SH-4000P horizontal machining center is designed and engineered so it can be integrated into a high-volume production line thanks to its compact footprint: 69 in. wide. Travels in X-Y-Z are 20 in. each. The spindle can accelerate from zero to 15,000 rpm in 1.9 seconds. Peak torque is 184 ft./lb. at 980 rpm. The acc/dec rate for the linear axes is 1.0 G. At the front of the machine is a rotary-style automated pallet changer that can exchange pallets in 5.9 seconds. For pallet rotation in the machining envelope, a full contouring B axis precisely indexes the pallet every 0.001 degree and a hydraulic clamping mechanism is used to clamp the pallet in place for high repeatability. The B axis has a 90-degree index time of 0.5 seconds.


Versatile Solid Carbide Drill

The DC160 Advance solid carbide drill is designed to be productive in a broad range of applications across a wide variety of materials. Its margins are located in an advanced forward position to ensure rapid guidance in the hole. A steep gash angle provides ample space for secure chip flow, enabling improved hole quality and reduced feed force. Positioning accuracy is improved from earlier models by way of a thinner web and improved roundness. It’s made with grade WJ30ET carbide and includes a proprietary coating for extended tool life. It has a cylindrical shank ground to an h6 tolerance, making it suitable for shrink fit and hydraulic holders. Point angle is 140 degrees. The drill is available in 3, 5 and 8×D sizes.


Comprehensive CAM Software

The 2018.2 version of hyperMILL CAM software offers a number of enhancements. These include Automatic Face Extension, which can be used during programming to automatically extend the selected milling surfaces, eliminating manual CAD work and resulting in cleaner corner cuts. Also, the 3D Z-level Shape Finishing module now supports conical barrel cutters as well as general and tangential cutters. And the 3D Optimized Roughing program recognizes multiple allowances when using free tool geometries, resulting in easier programming and a higher level of flexibility for defining special tools. For example, high-feed cutters have a cutting geometry that is easy to define using tool management: The program then uses the free geometries of the cutting tool edge for calculation, simulation and collision checking.

Ergonomic Pneumatic Die Grinder

The Norton Pneumatic Die Grinder is a hand-held grinder features a double-bearing spindle design that reduces vibrations to enable longer tool life and finer finishes. Grinding speed is easily and precisely regulated to give the operator complete control of the surface finish. An ergonomic and streamlined non-slip grip allows better tool handling, increased comfort and reduced grinding fatigue. The device is small and weighs just 1.4 lb. It has a free speed of 25,000 rpm, is designed for deburring, light to medium surface cleaning and stock removal applications, welding preparation, and finishing.