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Manufacturing: The Makino UP6 HEAT Wire EDM system and More

Makino UP6 HEAT Wire EDM system.  AV450 automatic vision system from Starrett. Double-cut Carbide Burrs. The Okuma MB-5000HⅡ


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High-precision Wire EDM

The Makino UP6 HEAT Wire EDM system is well suited for applications like electric motor stator die tooling because it can achieve workpiece positional accuracies of 1 µm while providing X-Y-Z travels of 25.59 × 18.50 × 12.68 inches. One reason for the accuracy: The stationary work table design helps improve positional accuracy, as the machine is moving the same amount of mass regardless of workpiece weight. The water di-electric reservoir is integrated into the base casting of the machine to improve thermal stability and minimize floor space requirements. The machine also circulates chilled di-electric fluid through the casting to maintain a constant machine temperature. Both the wire drive and wire threading systems are new designs. The wire drive system uses an AC motor tensioning system that expands the range and stability of wire tension and reduces maintenance. The wire threading system can rethread the wire in the gap at a break point.



Vision System for Manual or Pre-programmed Part Inspection

The AV450 automatic vision system from Starrett can be pre-programmed for repetitive part inspection or driven manually via a trackball for individual measurements. Featuring X-Y-Z travels of 18 × 14 × 8 inches, the system boasts high-resolution video zoom optics, a highly stable mechanical design, precision linear bearings, and smooth stage motion. Accuracy is 2.5 + 5L/1000 µm and reading resolution is 0.1µm. The system has an external motion control unit and includes a Windows-based operating system with an operator interface via a desktop PC with a 24-inch touchscreen monitor, as well as Wi-Fi network connectivity. CAD files can be imported/exported, and reports can be generated and archived.



Double-cut Carbide Burrs

Speaking of the company’s double-cut carbide burrs, Patrick Carroll, Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives senior product manager, said, "Operators will achieve high stock removal and smaller, granular chip-break on hard-to-grind workpieces." The tools are designed for efficient removal of surface stock and weld splatter, deburring and chamfering applications, and medium-to-light cleaning and are available with geometries optimized for use in stainless steel, steel, cast steel, and composites. A tungsten carbide substrate, stronger tooth formulation (due to a decreased tooth wedge angle), and numerous cutting edges provide the burrs with a long life and superior stock removal performance.



Fast Horizontal Machining on a Small Footprint

The Okuma MB-5000H is a high-speed, thermally-stable horizontal machining center that offers quick acceleration, short tool changes, and high power for improved productivity. With improvements in cutting capability and automation over the earlier MB-5000H model, the new machine is able to reduce cycle times by up to 25 percent, while its 20-percent smaller footprint (8.8 × 8.8 ft.) maximizes shop floor space. The maximum machining volume is 29.92 x 29.92 x 29.92 inches. Rapid traverse in X-Y-Z is 2,362 IPM. The maximum speed of the 35-hp spindle 15,000 RPM. The spindle’s high rigidity and high torque enable cutting of S45C steel with an end mill at 43 cubic inches per minute. The machine features a 19.7 × 19.7-inch rotary pallet.


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