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Low-torque Face Milling Cutter; Automated Mill/Lathe Cell; ShopFloorConnect; 3D Scanner

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Low-torque Face Milling Cutter; Automated Mill/Lathe Cell; ShopFloorConnect; 3D Scanner  


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Low-torque Face Milling Cutter

The Seco Tools Double Quattromill14 face milling cutter—available in both fixed-pocket and cassette styles—is designed to maximize performance on lower-horsepower machines. The cutter uses double-sided inserts that come in three different ranges with eight cutting edges; the inserts can cut materials including titanium, tool steels and cast irons. The cutter is available in a 45-degree or 68-degree lead angle versions. The 45-degree version achieves depths of cut up to 0.236 inches; the 68-degree type can reach a depth of 0.315 inches, with better clearance to avoid sidewalls or part fixturing. The 45-degree angle cutter enables better chip thinning and higher feed rates, even with weak or unstable fixturing. Both versions extend tool life while lowering cutting forces and machine power consumption.Secotools.com


Automated Mill/Lathe Cell

Thanks to the use of modular design, Fuji Machine America has made it simpler to take one of its twin-spindle lathes and integrate it with a four-axis milling machine (both with integrated robotic arms) to create a turnkey machining cell. The combination offers drilling, milling and turning operations that can operate at the same time, thereby improving throughput. The ANW-3500 lathe’s spindles operate at 20/25 HP (14.9/18.6 kW). Its 15.9-inch Z-axis stroke allows for long workpieces. (Its X axis stroke is 8.8-inch). An A2-6 spindle nose and a swing arm, dual hand robot come standard. The HM 3400 mill is capable of five-face machining in one chucking and is equipped with live tooling and choice of a swing arm or gantry loader robot. Its stroke lengths are in inches: 10.8 X, 9.1 Y and 15.7 Z. It also has a 3.15-inch diameter C axis.


Shop-floor Data Monitoring

ShopFloorConnect 6.0 shop floor data monitoring and collection system from Wintriss Controls Group gathers production data from every machine in a factory, displays key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time, and produces detailed analytics, including comprehensive overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) reports in a variety of formats. The software can help reduce machine downtime by as much as 70 percent by identifying and quantifying excessive production losses and bottlenecks. The scalable, flexible production monitoring system is compatible will most ERP software. Version 6.0 introduces user-customizable dashboards, the ability to track reasons for scrap, compatibility with the company’s new SMI 2 machine interface capabilities such as on-machine OEE displays and a streamlined operator interface.


3D Scanner

With an ability to capture as many as 1.5-million points per second, the OGP Shapegrabber ai620 is a precision, metrology-class 3D scanner that can quickly and accurately measure the surfaces of complex parts. It handles parts up to 23.6-inches long and 7.5 inches in diameter. The system is designed with high levels of automated capability so that it can measure the same part design repeatedly or different parts can be quickly measured. Accuracy is enhanced by a combination of a rigid structure, precision motion control, precise calibration, and the optics contained in the scan head. The system’s automated turntable accurately repositions the part for additional scans with no need for targets or software alignment.