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CNC Interior Leather Cutting System; Mobile App for CNC Monitoring; Long-stroke Gripper for Cobots

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CNC Interior Leather Cutting System; Mobile App for CNC Monitoring; Long-stroke Gripper for Cobots
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CNC Interior Leather Cutting System


Versalis 2019 is the Lectra CNC system for cutting leather for car interiors. The system scans each cowhide to note its particular shape and flaws, creates an optimal nesting layout based on the scan, and controls the two blades that cut the hide as it rolls beneath them on a conveyor belt. A projection system color-codes each type of nested piece by size and shape for easy location, picking and binning. The system features a large pressure plate that flattens wrinkles before cutting begins, software optimized for more efficient nesting, and an automated conveyor belt cleaning system. There is a programming interface connector that ensures that digital data can be shared with existing enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution system programs.

Mobile App for CNC Monitoring


The Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. Integrated Machine Analytics (IMA) mobile app enables users to remotely monitor their CNC machines from their smartphone. The app offers real-time monitoring and analysis of CNC functions (such as a machining center’s spindle speed and feed rate) and can be set up to notify the user when changes or anomalies are detected. Multiple CNCs can be monitored through the app simultaneously. The IMA app is based on MTConnect, the open standard that allows universal control connectivity, which means that although it is designed for Mitsubishi Electric machines, it will work for any MTConnect-compliant CNC.


Long-stroke Gripper for Cobots


Schunk’s Co-act EGL-C long-stroke gripper is designed for use in cobot (human/robot collaboration) ) applications. The two-finger gripper can handle workpiece weights of up to 5 pounds, with gripping force that can reach 450 N and a long stroke of 1.7 inches per finger. To meet the ISO/TS 15066 standard for HRC despite its high gripping force, the gripper is equipped with combined force/path measurement capabilities. Force measuring jaws and an incremental encoder are integrated in the base jaws. With these, the individual gripping forces and the position of the gripper fingers can automatically change, depending on the gripper’s location in the work envelope. (For example, up to a distance of 0.15 inch to the workpiece, the gripping force is limited to just 30 N—a fraction of its strength). The gripper is available with interfaces for cobots from KUKA, YASKAWA, FANUC, Universal Robots, NACHI, and other developers.

Portable Non-contact Gap and Flush Measurement


The Nextsense Calipri C15 from Hexagon is a wireless, non-contact measurement tool designed for car body gap and flush, seal gap and design line inspection. The device is compact and cable-free, allowing operators to quickly get it to hard-to-access areas. Its blue-light laser system enables accurate measuring of shiny and brushed metal surfaces. It can be configured for 360-degree or linear measurement, making it suitable for inline and final assembly inspections as well as in rework stations. Data synchronization is performed wirelessly and in real time. A built-in screen enables the operator to check measurement data on the fly.



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