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On Manufacturing - 4/17


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Chatter-free Boring Heads

Higher machining accuracy is facilitated in boring operations via the “Smart Damper” technology that’s available in the EWN and EWD finish boring heads and SW rough boring heads launched by BIG KAISER. The tools include a passive damping mechanism that functions as a counter action through a high-resonance friction action. What happens is that the system dampens high-frequency oscillations that can occur during machining, absorbing vibrations to provide accuracy.

These tools feature a modular CKB connection so that different tools can be configured in a modular manner.

The SW features a twin-cutter head. It can be used for rough boring holes Ø1.614 to 4.331 in. in iron or steel. The SW Smart Damper, compared to standard SW heads, can operate at up to 660 sfm at a length of 8xD without chatter, which is four times faster than the 165 sfm maximum of the standard tool. It features individually adjustable insert holders so two roughing operations can be performed without changing any components.

The EWN head is analog—0.0005in./Ø setting accuracy, with 0.0001 in./Ø possible with Vernier precision—and the EWD is digital—Ø 0.00005 in. setting accuracy. There are three head sizes and three different insert holders per head. They cover a range of Ø 1.614 to 5.906 in.

As an example of their capability: in cutting steel with a projection length of 16 in., a cutting speed of 1,500 sfm and a feedrate of 6 ipm can be achieved with the head.

Internal High-speed Production Grinder


The Landis-Bryant UL2 from Fives Landis Corp. is designed for high-speed, high-precision internal grinding. The machine features a torque tube bed design that not only provides rigidity, but thanks to a “flow-thru” system that circulates oil and coolant through the base, thermal stability, as well.

There are independent slides for the X and Z axes, each of which is mounted directly to the machine bed, so there is a low center of gravity. The machine features round-bar hydrostatic slide ways in each axis for both stiffness and smoothness. There are high-resolution servo motors directly coupled to precision ballscrews for positioning.

The machine accommodates a diaphragm or collet chuck, a shoe centerless magnetic chuck, or a disc drive roll centerless arrangement. The machine is available with an induction-motor-driven precision spindle with infinitely variable speeds up to 120,000 rpm.

There are an acoustic emission monitoring system, automatic taper adjustment and a Fanuc i Series control.

Abrasive Discs

Sometimes you have to pull out the angle grinder to take care of some weld seams, or to make chamfers or simply to do some surface grinding. When this is the case, there is a newly developed flap disc from PFERD, POLIFAN Z SG-POWER that’s claimed to provide a 236 percent (yes, 236) longer tool life than conventional flap discs.

The flap disc uses a high-performance, zirconia alumina abrasive. It provides consistent performance over its life.

The discs are available in conical, (Type 29) shape, 41/2, 5 and 7-in. diameters with either 5/8-11 threaded or 7/8-in. plain arbor hole.