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On Manufacturing: Dec. 2018


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Optical Gauge for Surface Measurement

Confocal is the name of a non-contact measuring system that deploys what’s known as the “confocal chromatic measuring principle,” which uses reflected light to determine such things as intralayer thickness. Example: Two pieces of glass are used to form a windshield. This system can determine the size of the airgap between the two pieces. The system is capable of performing fast, high-resolution gauging of distance and thickness and works with solid, transparent and polished mirror surfaces. Based on the location of the 4-mm optical sensor, various measurement accuracies can be obtained: a measuring range of 0.4 mm provides 0.055 μm accuracy; 12 mm provides 0.750 μm. The system is available with a DIN rail controller for combination with a PC or else as a stand-alone unit with an integrated 7-inch display screen.




HMC for Aluminum Applications

The PCI Meteor series of single- and twin-spindle, 4- or 5-axis horizontal machining centers was engineered with aluminum component machining in mind: everything from blocks and transmission cases to steering knuckle and electric motor housings.  The distance between the two independent spindles of the Meteor TS630V can be adjusted from 21.4 to 71 inches for flexibility of application. The spindles can be used to process two identical parts, perform different operations on the same part, or machine two completely different parts simultaneously. X-axis travel is 51.1 inches; Y and Z travels are 24.8 inches. The single-spindle Meteor 630 features travels of 24.8 inches in all three axes. The single-spindle Meteor 1800 machine features extended X-axis travel of 71.0 inches. The various models all have the same compact footprint of 165 × 94 × 135 inches. A disc-type tool changer is standard; a pallet changer is optional. Gantry, robotic and manual loading/unloading systems are also available.



Collaborative Robot with 15-kg Payload

CR series robots are designed to work in cooperation with a human operator in a variety of manufacturing applications. New to the series is the six-axis CR-15iA, which offers a 15-kg payload, 1,441-mm reach, and floor, ceiling and angle mounting options. It uses the R-30iB Mate Plus controller, which features an intuitive iPendant with improved screen resolution and more processing capability compared to previous versions. The controller also has a new user interface that includes tutorials available directly on the iPendant, simplifying setup and operation. The robot also supports the company’s latest intelligent functions such as iRVision and Force Sensing. It’s designed to meet ISO 10218-1:2011 and RIA/ANSI R15.06-2012 safety requirements.




High-Performance Grinding Wheels

Designed for the high-performance external grinding of cam and crankshafts and internal grinding applications in automotive and bearing industries, Norton Winter Vitron cBN grinding wheels feature a high-precision vitrified bond with premium cBN grain particles uniformly dispersed throughout the bond matrix. This enables manufacturers to achieve increases in the number of finished parts between dress cycles, reducing cycle times and extending wheel life up to 40 percent over existing products. The wheels also grind cooler due to a lower specific grinding energy, which minimizes residual stress for improved part quality and surface roughness degradation reductions of up to 30 percent.