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On Manufacturing: Nov. 2018

High-performance Milling The Mikron MILL P 500 U is designed to achieve high-quality surface finish and precision in the continuous machining of complex forms and tough materials such as molds.


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High-performance Milling

The Mikron MILL P 500 U is designed to achieve high-quality surface finish and precision in the continuous machining of complex forms and tough materials such as molds. It uses 5G technology to communicate between sensors and the control to adjust the speed and motion of the milling head to minimize vibrations and maximize throughput. Its engineered so that it is thermally stable throughout long machining periods. A 36-kW, 20,000-rpm Step-Tec HPC190 spindle with HSK-A63 tool interface is standard, as is rotary tilting table capacity of up to 600 kg and workpiece diameters up to 707 mm.

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Long-lasting Grinding Wheels

Norton Winter Vitron cBN grinding wheels feature a high-precision vitrified bond specifically designed for the high-performance external grinding of cam and crankshafts and internal grinding applications in automotive and bearing industries. The cBN grain particles are uniformly dispersed throughout the bond matrix for maximum grinding efficiency, as in substantial increases in the number of finished parts between dress cycles, reduced reducing cycle times and wheel life increases up to 40 percent over existing products. Vitron wheels also grind cooler due to a lower specific grinding energy that ensures minimal residual stress, for superior part quality with surface roughness degradation reductions of up to 30 percent.

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Five-axis VMC for Die and Mold Cutting

The five-axis V90S vertical machining center is designed for high-speed finishing of multifaceted, 3D contours. It cuts cycle times and reduces handwork in complex dies and molds. To maximize work zone volume and load capacity, it can accommodate workpiece sizes up to 2200 × 1500 × 700 mm and weights up to 5000 kg—such as dies for automobile door inner panels and front grilles. The X-, Y- and Z-axes (2000 × 1300 × 800 mm, respectively) provide traverse rates of 58,000 mm/min and cutting feed rates of 40,000mm/min. The A-axis tilts at ±30°, wide enough to machine holes for an angular pin, while the C-axis rotates at ±60°, ensuring that the tool tip can be positioned for optimum contact with the workpiece.

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Traceability Tool Suite

The HAWK MV-4000 smart camera, the MicroHAWK ID-45 reader and HS-360X handheld reader are make up a suite of traceability solutions. The HS-360X barcode reader is designed for direct part mark applications and is impact resistant and rated to an IP67 environmental protection category, making it ideal for and any environment involving tough conditions and harsh industrial fluids. The HAWK MV-4000 also features a highly rugged casing for its powerful machine vision capabilities that reach near-PC processing speeds. The ultra-compact MicroHAWK ID-45 features best-in-class lighting technology for reliable, accurate and fast barcode decoding of both printed labels and direct part marks.

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