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On Manufacturing: Oct. 2018

Fast Robots The Kawasaki RS007N and RS007L are 6-axis robots with a maximum payload capacity of 7 kg—and operating speeds to 12,100 mm/sec.


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Fast Robots

The Kawasaki RS007N and RS007L are 6-axis robots with a maximum payload capacity of 7 kg—and operating speeds to 12,100 mm/sec. The upper arm section of each robot is cantilevered to enable a longer maximum reach and an expanded range of motion—below, behind and in the immediate vicinity of the robot. The RS007N features a 730 mm reach and the RS007L a 930 mm reach. They can be floor- or ceiling-mounted to floor or ceiling. Vision cables, sensor harnesses, or air lines can be housed inside the arm structure to prevent interference with and from peripheral equipment in tight installation spaces.

Universal Cylindrical Grinder

The STUDER favorit 1600 grinder has its designation because its center distance is 1600 mm, or 63 inches. Center height is 6.89 inches. Those numbers show a grinder designed to handle long cylindrical workpieces, which can weigh up to 330 lb. The grinder operates in single-part or batch production. A full enclosure provides an optimal view of the grinding process. The machine’s wheelhead can be positioned in 3° increments and houses belt-driven external and internal grinding spindles. The company’s proprietary grinding software with graphics-based programming (‘StuderPictogramming’) enables even less experienced users to program grinding and dressing cycles quickly and efficiently. A solid Granitan polymer concrete base anchors the machine for maximum precision, performance and stability.

Small, Accurate Digital Gages

The F2715 digital electronic indicator from Starrett features accuracy of ± 0.0001 inches; the F2714’s accuracy is ± 0.0002 inches. They feature a 0.4-inch travel and a 1.7-inch diameter, 270° rotating bezel. There are two display options—a single LCD Numeric IQ model with low battery warning and programmable ratios, or a Numeric/Analog AD model that simultaneously shows both displays. Each gage can store and view 200 readings internally. Stored readings can be downloaded with included software and a USB style cable. Included CR2032 battery is designed to last up to 3,000 hours under typical use. Gages are output-compatible for SPC documentation via cable or wirelessly (using an optional proprietary data collection device). And both conform to the American Gage Design Group 1 dimensions.

Manual Tool Changer

The MC-10 Manual Tool Changer provides a cost-effective solution for quickly changing tools by hand, with a compact yet robust design optimized for collaborative robot applications. To ensure secure attachment of the tool, it features an ergonomic, easy-to-operate twist-collar locking mechanism with a tactile “click” feedback as well as visual indicators when locking/unlocking. It can carry payloads of up to 22 lb and includes multiple fail-safe features that resist vibration and prevent loosening. It contains four integrated pneumatic pass-through ports and electrical utilities can be added if needed. Interface plates are available for direct mounting to common ISO patterns.


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