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On Manufacturing/July '16



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Fast, Compact Microfinishing Machine


Need to precisely machine workpieces like bearing and sealing seats? Then there is a tape-based finishing machine, the PowerCube, from Thielenhaus Microfinish, that helps improve productivity through the minimization of non-productive cycle time. It does this by integrating its four spindles on a round table, each of which can be sealed from the other. Through 90 degree strokes, work can be performed on two workpieces simultaneously, the detergent wetting for the third spindle can be centrifuged, and at the fourth station loading and unloading can be performed. The machine features a modular design so that parts measuring up to 50 mm in diameter and 400 mm long can be handled. The machine has a simplified tape and printing roll changeover system that is readily accessible so changeover times are minimized. Optional NC axes are available. The PowerCube has a compact footprint, measuring 1,200 x 1,940 mm.


Five-Axis Milling Center


The Umill 1800 from Mecof (part of the EMCO Group) is a five-axis milling center that not only has milling capabilities, but also performs as a multitasking machine, providing turning capabilities, as well. It has a working range of 2,150 mm Y, 1,800 mm X, and 1,250 mm Z. The fourth axis is a table, which can either be dedicated to milling and so offer a rotational speed of 10 rpm, or for turning, where the speed is 250 rpm. The maximum workpiece diameter is 2,500 mm. The fifth axis is the head. Notably, the head has a shape that allows positioning the tool so that it can work in undercuts by up to -15 degrees.  When in a horizontal position, the tool axis is aligned with the direction of the table movement which means that it can perform operations in the Y axis without having to interpolate in X and Y, which not only simplifies programming, but because a single axis is involved, there are benefits as regards accuracy and thrust force. The head is available in two versions: a high-speed 45-kW spindle (45 kW and 300 Nm in S1, HSK 100 and 12,000 rpm and beyond) and a 38-kW motor with mechanical transmission, tool taper ISO 50 or HSK 100, 600 Nm of torque in S1, and a rotation speed of up to 6,000 rpm. Tool magazines range in capacity from 64 to 228 pockets. Two controllers are offered for the machine: a Siemens 840D Solution Line and the Heidenhain TNC 640 HSCI.

Insert for Tough Materials


Chances are you don’t have a whole lot of titanium to machine, but consider this: according to Walter USA, its Tiger-tec Silver grade WSM45X-based indexable inserts, which are specifically engineered to work with materials that have difficult cutting properties, such as titanium alloys, can, depending on parameters, increase performance by as much as 67 percent. The inserts feature an Al2O2 coating that provides a smooth coating to prevent edge buildup during machining operations. Another advantage of the coating is that there is a two-tone color that allows edge wear to be quickly identified, and which helps assure that all of the edges are used. The inserts can be handled by Xtra-tec and M4000 face and shoulder mills as well as the Walter F2334 copy milling cutter. And if titanium isn’t fixtured to your work table, stainless steel might be, so this handles that, too.