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Horizontal CMM; VMC for Large Parts; Tools for Turning, Milling
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Horizontal CMM for In-line Operations

What: Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for in-line applications
Who: Mitutoyo America Corp. (mitutoyo.com)
Important to note: Generally, in-line measurement applications are predicated on gages that provide Go/No Go determinations and nothing more. So, Mitutoyo has developed the MACH-3A CNC that provides comprehensive measurement information that can be useful in machining operations. Because the CMM is meant to go into production lines, not only is it designed with a compact footprint (1,870 × 1,280 × 1,920 mm) so that it can be readily fit into the system, but it is engineered so that it can accurately operate in the factory environment: The drive unit is protected by covers, there are precision linear guide systems for each axis instead of air bearings, and the controller and PC are installed in a dust-proof housing. It can handle temperature conditions from 5 to 40°C. It is engineered for 24/7 in-line operations.
Pertinent data: This horizontal-arm CMM is fast, with a maximum speed of 1,212 mm/sec, and a maximum acceleration of 11,882 mm/sec2. The measuring range is 600 × 500 × 280 mm (X, Y, Z). It handles parts that are 750-mm high and up to 200 kg in mass. The resolution is 0.0001 mm.



Vertical Machining Centers for Large Parts

What: Two vertical spindle machining centers
Who: Makino (makino.com)
Important to note: The Makino F-Series of vertical machining centers has two addi-tions, the F8 and a larger machine, the F9. Says William Howard, Makino vertical product line manager, “Their robust design provides a versatile cutting platform that is ideal for both mold making and production machining. Standardly equipped with core-cooled ballscrews and scale feedback, the F8 and F9 offer a rare blend of precision, speed, capacity, and flexibility to meet and exceed customer demands.” Because these machines are engineered for big parts (both have a payload capacity of 5,510 lb.), there are a dual sliding door and chip- and splash-guards to facilitate load/unload operations.
Pertinent data: The F8 has travels of 51.2, 31.5, and 25.6 in., X, Y, and Z. It features a 61 × 31.5-in. table and can handle a part 61-in. long, 31.5-in. wide, and 21.7-in. high. The F9 has travels of 63, 31.5, and 25.6 in., X, Y, and Z. It features a 72.8 × 31.5-in. table and can handle a part 72.8-in. long, 31.5-in. wide, and 21.7-in. high.



Range of Tools for Operations from Turning to Milling

What: New tool and insert geometries for high-speed machining and mill-turn operations
Who: Iscar (iscarusa.com)
Important to note: Iscar has developed what it is calling its “HIGHQLINE” of tools and inserts. Included are: DOVE IQ TURN: For heavy turning, it features a dovetail pocket combined with a lever clamping mechanism providing very firm and rigid insert clamping. DOVE IQ GRIP: For deep, heavy grooving, these tools have a unique frontal locking mechanism and provide unobstructed chip flow. DO-GRIP IQ: Double-ended inserts for grooving and parting. PENTA IQ GRIP: For deep, accurate grooving and parting applications, these are small pentagonal inserts with five cutting edges. HELI
IQ MILL 390: Milling inserts with three cutting edges and advanced cutting geometries that mean reduced cutting forces and low power consumption. DOVE IQ MILL: An eight-edge milling insert that can perform tasks from roughing to finishing. HOLD IQ LOCK: Collet for strong and reliable clamping, particularly designed for heavy applications.
Pertinent data: Specifics can be found via the Iscar Tool Advisor, a parametric search engine. The company also offers Apple iOS and Google Android apps.



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