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On Mfg - Jan. 2015

High-Production Tapping Tool Holder


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High-Production Tapping Tool Holder

Threading on CNC machines with synchronous spindles can be optimized through a tool holder with an integrated transmission from Emuge Corp. (emuge.com). Speedsynchro compensates for synchronization errors during the threading. The transmission (1:4.412) is combined with the minimum-length compensation function found in Emuge’s Softsynchro (a technology that ensures an even load on the cutting edges of the taps). The tool holder is said to provide up to 40% time savings due to significantly shortened thread production cycles resulting from the combined fast acceleration and cutting speeds facilitated by the integrated transmission. It is designed for thread range M1 to M8, a maximum spindle drive of 2,000 rpm, a maximum tapping speed of 8,825 rpm, and an internal coolant supply up to 50 bar. One- or two-channel minimum quantity lubrication options are also available. The result is an increase in the number of tapped holes as well as optimized tool life and surface quality.