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On Mfg - March '14



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High-Speed, High-Resolution Video Recorder
The MotionBLITZ CVR high-resolution camera/recorder. 
Who: Mikrotron (mikrotron.de/en.html).
Important to Note: The MotionBLITZ CVR, for engineering studies and research, captures up to 12 seconds of 2,336 x 1,728-pixel video recorded at 560 frames per second (fps) and up to 14.8 seconds at 1080P at a blazing 900 fps. The recorder is packaged with the EoSens 4CXP camera with a four-megapixel camera head for capturing high-resolution imagery. Applications include studying fast production operations down to the micrometer scale.  The CVR works fast because images are downloaded from RAM memory to an internal RAID (redundant array of independent discs) storage.
Pertinent data: The EoSens 4CXP camera has a small footprint of 80 x 80 x 53 mm in the C-mount configuration with a 20-m cable to connect it to the recorder. 

High-precision, Compact, Heavy-duty Machining Center
The HC 400 horizontal machining center is engineered for OEMs and job shops alike, providing durability and flexibility designed for deep drilling and high stock removal.
Who: Doosan Infracore Machine Tools (doosaninfracore.com/machinetools)
Important to note: The HC 400 has a 35-hp, 10,000-rpm spindle and a Meehanite cast iron bed and large linear guideway enabling heavy cuts through tough materials. The spindle has through-spindle coolant and an oil-cooled spindle chiller, maintaining a constant temperature at high speeds. A 60-pocket cam-type, swing-arm automatic tool changer provides tool changes in 1.5 seconds tool-to-tool, and 4 seconds chip-to-chip.  To improve chip flow, a telescopic cover inclined at a 30° angle directs chips into a trough, helping to keep the table clean. High-velocity air jets clear away chips during pallet changes, ensuring accurate positioning at high speeds. 
Pertinent data: The HC 400 has X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 23.62, 22.05, and 22.4 in., respectively. The machine is equipped with an automatic pallet changer with twin 15.7 x 15.7 in. pallets with an 882-lb. maximum load per pallet.


Faster Spot Welding Robots
High-speed robots designed for spot welding applications, the MS165 and MS210.
Who: Yaskawa Motoman (motoman.com).
Important to note: The MS165 and MS210 robots are not only fast—20% faster than 
the models from Motoman that they replace (the ES-series)—but have a slim profile, which means that higher robot density can be achieved on body lines for OEMs or in work cells for suppliers.  To improve the life of the servo gun cables and air and water lines, they are all routed through the base and upper arm to the wrist. An additional benefit of this approach: the robots are capable of reaching into tight spaces.  The wrist on the MS-series has a 17% greater working range than that of the ES-series. The robots use the DX200 controller, which can control up to eight robots.  The high-speed spot and ARM (advanced robot motion) control functions can improve cycle times by 35% and quality by providing consistent electrode force and optimum arm and weld gun motion control.
Pertinent data: The six-axis MS165 and MS210 have payloads of 363.8 lb. and 463 lb., respectively. Both models have a 106.4-in. reach with a repeatability of ±0.008 in. 

Robotic Tool Changer for Payloads ≤3 lbs.
QC-001 Micro Robotic Tool Changer for changing end effectors or other tooling.
Who: ATI Industrial Automation (ati-ia.com).
Important to note: The QC-001 tool changer is intended for high-speed, parallel-link robots to enhance their ability to switch end effectors automatically, thereby reducing downtime for tool changes. The changer allows a single robot to perform multiple assembly, dispensing, sorting, and material handling operations. The QC-001 is for payloads up to 3 lbs. It has integrated pneumatic ports and electrical connections.
Pertinent data: The changer weighs less than 4.3 oz. with a stack height of 0.67 in. Positional repeatability on the X-, Y-, and Z-axis is 0.0004 in., tested at a rated load for 1 million cycles.