| 11:11 AM EST

On Mfg: Oct. 2013

  New Insert Geometries for Turning Walter USA (walter-tools.com/us) has launched a new series of insert geometries for turning a wide-range of materials.


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New Insert Geometries for Turning


Walter USA (walter-tools.com/us) has launched a new series of insert geometries for turning a wide-range of materials. There is the NMS geometry, designed for semi-finishing and medium machining high temperature alloys (e.g., Inconel 718 and Waspaloy, which most auto-related machinists are unlikely to run into, but you never know), as well as on ISO M materials, including type 304/316 austenitic stainless steels. There is NRS geometry, which can be used for the machining of forged and cast surfaces, as well as for roughing the aforementioned high-temp alloys. Both NMS and NRS have advanced coatings (WSM10 or WSM20), and a cutting edge geometry engineered to resist build-up or notching. Thanks to a reduction in heat generation, tool life increases of up to 150% can be realized. There is NRR geometry for heavy roughing of forged materials; it allows cut depths of up to 0.700 in. There is RP5 geometry with a positive 3° chamfer for roughing with low power of forgings.  And there is NFT geometry, which is specifically for titanium machining; it features a fully ground periphery for accuracy.


Optical Measuring System


The MarShaft Scope Plus from Mahr Federal is a fully automatic optical measuring system for the dimensional testing of turned parts. The error limit for measuring length is (2+L/125) µm. The error limit for measur-ing diameter is (1+L/125) µm. In addition to length and diameter, the system is designed to measure form and location tolerances, shoulders, groove width, chamfer width, points of intersection, rotation angle, radii, taper length, thread diameter, and more. The system has two levels of software, Basic EasyShaft, which allows touch screen operation from selectable feature icons, and ProfessionalShaft script-level program-ming, for complex measuring, control and evaluation routine development.

Laser for Aluminum and Stainless



The TruFlow 8000 from TRUMPF (us.trumpf.com) is a CO2 laser that is rated at 8 kW, which means that as part of the TRUMPF TruLaser Series 5000, it can slice through aluminum sheet up to 1-in. thick and stainless steel up to 2-in. thick. What’s more, depending on the thickness and the material, the laser can achieve a cutting velocity of up to 33% faster than the previous 60-kW laser. The TruFlow 8000 uses a mirror cutting head. Thanks to the new cutting capability, the laser can handle tasks which were once done with plasma or waterjet cutting equipment. 

Milling Cutter Series


The PWS Shoulder Milling Cutter Series from Sumitomo Electric Carbide (sumicarbide.com) can handle materials including steels and cast irons. It is tangentially mounted for cutting edge strength. It features a two-step insert array structure, which facilitates deep cutting; there are optimized breakers to provide edge sharpness. It features a 17-mm insert with a serrated design. The PWS is available in diameters ranging from 80 to 250 mm and in both coarse and fine-pitch diameters.