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As cameras are becoming increasingly important to provide vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), developing systems switching up lenses, images sensors, image signal processors and communications equipment have become the norm. So to facilitate this, ON Semiconductor (onsemi.com) has developed what it calls “MARS”—Modular Automotive Reference System—for system and software developers.

Explains Ross Jatou, general manager and vice president of Automotive Solutions Div. of Image Sensor Group at ON Semiconductor, “As image sensing proliferates in automotive applications, MARS will provide system and software developers tasked with turning concepts into reliable working applications with a valuable platform to simplify and speed proof of concept and development, and offer the scalability to get ideas from the lab to on-vehicle testing in real-world conditions. The flexibility of MARS accelerates the component selection process by making the constituent sensors and co-processors totally interchangeable. The platform avoids the need to construct a multitude of custom boards to house different sensors for evaluation reducing engineering effort and shortening project times.” 

MARS supports several commonly used communication standards (e.g., GMSL, FPD-Link, LVDS, MIPI, Ethernet), which enables direct interfacing with existing vehicle electronic control units (ECUs).