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Pampering Classic Porsches

Although this appears to be a Porsche dealership it isn’t.
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Although this appears to be a Porsche dealership


it isn’t. At least not entirely.

If you look closely, you’ll realize that the cars are not new Porsches.

These are new Porsches:


Those aren’t.

What that building is is the world’s first Porsche Classic Centre, which opened last week in the Netherlands.

Yes, they are going to sell Porsches at the Porsche Classic Centre Gelderland. But only classic cars. The objective is to have a place where these cars can be serviced by certified personnel who work with special tools developed specifically for these vintage products.

This speaks well of the manufacturing capabilities of the people at Zuffenhausen and elsewhere in the Porsche network: more than 70% of all vehicles ever built by Porsche are still on the road.


On the line in Zuffenhausen