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Parts Integration & Performance Achieved with PA-Based Part

Air intake manifold with an integrated liquid charged air cooler developed by Volkswagen and Röchling Automotive uses Akulon polyamide from DSM.
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Volkswagen and Röchling Automotive (roechling.com) have developed an air-intake manifold with an integrated liquid charged air cooler for VW TSI engines that is said to be 40% smaller than comparable components for turbocharged engines and that has 20% fewer parts, as well as less mass.

The cooler is produced with a polyamide (PA), Akulon K224-HG6 from DSM Somos Engineering Plastics (dsm.com). The material is 30% glass reinforced.

There are performance benefits to the VW TSI engines, as well. Said Marco Barbolini, product manager at Röchling Automotive, “Integrating the heat exchanger into the intake manifold reduces air volume, giving the engines more punch, and eliminates a bunch of quite expensive parts.”