| 5:12 AM EST

Petersen & Pixar


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A couple weeks ago we mentioned that one of the places that Gearheads need to go at some point in their lives is the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. . .but not until December 2015, when the museum, which is undergoing massive refurbishment, reopens.

How massive?


Well, for one thing, they’ve partnered with Pixar Animation Studios to create “The Cars Mechanical Institute,” based, of course, on the Disney/Pixar Cars. This is an “augmented reality” exhibit that includes “CARSpad” mobile devices. The objective, in the words of Jay Ward, the Cars Creative Director at Pixar Animation Studios, is to “entertain, educate and inspire many generations of children.” Meaning grown-ups, too.


What’s notable about the New Petersen is the massive amounts of New Technology that is being deployed.

So far, more than 68 miles of data-carrying cable have been installed, as well as an array of routers and switches so there is a 500-Mbps transfer rate. The Petersen has partnered with Belkin/Linksys to help with this infrastructure.

Among other significant data points:

  • 25 new exhibits
  • 1,600 LED lighting fixtures
  • 45 Panasonic projectors
  • A 130-foot long display in the Hollywood Gallery
  • A 8 x 20-foot storyboard in the Grand Concours foyer
  • A 166-foot long wall with 12 projectors in the Grand Salon
  • A 134-foot/180-degree wall in the Motorsports Gallery
  • 43 interactive touchscreen kiosks

Oh. One more thing.

There are cars.

Lots of cars.

Real ones, too. Not just Cars.