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Peugeot Design Designs Seats for the Sea

The people at Peugeot Design do things in the transportation space that goes well beyond automobiles
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These are seats designed for Bourbon Mobility by Peugeot Design Labs:

Peugeot Design seats

(Images: Automobile Peugeot)


But as you’ve probably guessed, despite the “mobility” and the “Peugeot,” they’re not for an automobile.

Rather, Bourbon Mobility is the “leader in offshore personnel transport.”

It makes boats that carry people.

Bourbon Mobility


What’s interesting is that Peugeot Design Labs not only designed the seats, but had the opportunity to take on the whole cabin, providing such things as wide aisles, overhead storage, lighting, and life jackets positioned so that they’re readily accessible.

As for the seats, they’re designed with handles that allow moving around easier in the case of rough seas. In terms of sitting, they feature vertical supports, deep headrests and calf rests. The cushions are designed to minimize vibrations.

There is something of a car connection. According to Arnault Gournac, Director of the Peugeot Design Lab, “Similar to the research Peugeot conducted to reinvent the interior of its latest models, we wanted to improve user experience for Bourbon Mobility passengers. Passengers will be pampered with ergonomic storage and ‘comfort fit’ seats that are both soft and supportive, as well as the high-quality materials and assembly. These key design elements will be the signature identity of the future cabins.”

Peugeot Design


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