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Peugeot Design Lab Turns Five

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The Peugeot Design Lab is celebrating its fifth birthday this week, perhaps with some of the oysters that are on offer on the food truck that the firm developed for the Maison Gillardeau earlier this year, based on the Peugeot Expert van.


However, Peugeot Design Lab isn’t all about automotive-based products. Its parent company has been involved in the manufacture of products ranging from tools to bicycles, from coffee mills to boats over its more than 200 years of existence.

And the establishment of the design firm was predicated on doing products in various areas.


For example, there’s the H160 helicopter developed by Airbus Helicopters. According to Guillaume Chielens, head of Style and Design at that firm, “We used the initial styling developed by Peugeot Design Lab to define a strong personality for the rotorcraft—a mirror reflection of the innovation, performance and emotion unique to the H160. We developed a helicopter based on their design which immediately caught the attention of both operators and the general public. Style has become a key priority for the H160 programme, which aims to make a strong impression both with its unique personality and its performance.”


Then there’s the Alstrom-Strasbourg tram that Peugeot Design Lab collaborated with Alstrom’s Design & Styling department on developing. The Citadis trams connect downtown Strasbourg to the Kehl station in Germany. It is the first time in 72 years that a cross-border tram has connected the two.

In all, the design firm has worked with some 60 clients—of all sizes—during its first five years.


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