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Porsche Paint Plant Progresses

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While this may appear as though the helicopter has the top of an airport tower dangling from it, it is actually part of the HVAC system for the facility below, the Porsche assembly plant in Leipzig, Germany. They’re wrapping up the installation of a new paint shop for the forthcoming Macan SUV. The vehicle is to have its production launch in December. The first car bodies will be painted in the facility in August.


Overall, Porsche has invested some €500-million in the Leipzig plant on the new paint shop as well as a new body shop for the Macan, a compact SUV which has the potential to become the biggest-selling Porsche model (estimates are as high as 75,000 per annum).


Macan? According to Porsche, it is “derived from the Indonesian word for tiger and combines suppleness, power, fascination and dynamics.” Of course it does.

Which leads to the names of other models in the company’s showroom. “Boxster” is the boxer engine configuration combined with roadster. “Cayenne” is for sharpness (think: pepper). “Cayman”: “snappy and agile” (no, we don’t get it). And the “Panamera”: capable of “winning the Carrera Panamericana long-distance race.” Of course it does.

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