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Porsche Precise Aftermarket Tech

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While many people are familiar with the “Mopar” brand of aftermarket offerings, there are probably fewer who have heard of Porsche Tequipment.

Which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Which we bring up because in marking that event, it took a 2011 Carrera S Coupe, added this stuff:


set technicians in Zuffenhasen to work on it (although according to Porsche, “any Porsche center can handle this task, of which there are currently 86 in Germany and 811 worldwide”):


and ended up with this:


One interesting aspect is what they did to the engine. Its performance was increased from 400 hp to 430 hp.

This was accomplished by CNC milling the intake ports of the cylinder head to create a winder port shape. Then they use abrasive flow machining to remove the remaining surface imperfections. According to Porsche, this abrasive process, which involves driving a putty-like substance with embedded ceramic grinding particles through the head at high pressure, thereby providing a consistently smooth surface.

Porsche points out that were manual finishing to be used instead of the abrasive flow process, not only would it be exceedingly difficult, but it would result in different tolerances for each of the ports.

There’s something to be said for precision machining. In this case, 30 hp.