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Porsche Program for Carbon Offsets

Drive a Porsche. Help save the environment.
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“Porsche drivers want it all, and offering an option for greater sustainability is part of creating a superb Porsche experience.” That’s Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA. In other words, not only do the Porsche drivers want a superb driving experience in their 911 or Cayenne, they want to do something good for the environment at the same time. So the company has developed “Porsche Impact,” a program that allows drivers to calculate their emissions based on mileage and average fuel consumption.

Porsche Impact


The web-based app then allows the driver to make a financial contribution to specified environmental projects—there are four, including forest protection in the U.S., hydropower in Vietnam, solar energy in Mexico, and habitat preservation in Zimbabwe, all programs managed by a Swiss-based provider of carbon offsetting projects and sustainability financing, South Pole—to offset their carbon foot print.

Zellmer: “Porsche Impact connects our strategies for innovation, mobility and sustainability with the individual customer.”

So what sort of money are they talking about?

They’ve calculated that driving a 2019 Cayenne S for 10,000 miles a year would generate an offsetting contribution between approximately $67 and $152 annually. That figure varies depending on the environmental project, not the heaviness of the driver’s right foot.