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Toyota is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Prius in the U.S.

Since the first-generation vehicle—the 2001 model year—was made available in the U.S., and through the years that saw variants (e.g., c v, Prime), there have been 1.9-million Priuses sold in the U.S.

Gen 1 Prius

Gen 1 Prius: Hard to imagine that this was once “revolutionary.” (Images: Toyota)

In terms of the history, there was gen 2 in 2004, gen 3 in 2009 and gen 4, the current one, which was launched in 2015.

Gen 2 Prius

Gen 2 Prius: The shape that came to mean “hybrid.”

The second-generation model is the one that has the exterior design which is quintessential Prius. Gen 3 pretty much refined the form. Gen 4 was a departure—and one that is still somewhat controversial.

2021 Prius

Model year 2021 Prius 2020 Edition. Yes, 2,020 will be built.

Over the years we’ve written a lot about the Prius, both specifically and as a foil for other vehicles—just as everyone who is in the electric vehicle space today is trying to create a “Tesla beater,” for a long time it was about creating a “Prius fighter.”

And 20 years on, Prius is still the dominant hybrid.

Here are some of the things we wrote:

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