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Promess: From Servo Presses to PPE

Yes, another story about a company stepping up—but doing something different, too


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Promess is a company that I’ve been familiar with for many years as a supplier of sensing systems that have morphed over time into form like highly precise electro-mechanical assembly servo presses.

The people at the company have always been innovative (when I first new them they were instrumenting machining spindles and with time have transformed that know-how into precise press systems), which means, in part, that they do things that are not necessarily being done by a whole lot of others.

Promess PPE

Pediatric dentists Sarah Carrico (left) and Dana Radtke (right) with their Promess-produced PPE. (Image: Promess)

When I saw that Promess is producing PPE, I was glad to see another industrial company stepping up because the need for this equipment is far from being sated, “reopening” notwithstanding.

But as I looked into the Promess approach I couldn’t help but smile.

Yes, they’re making face shields and mask covers that are going to hospitals and fire departments and the like

But their PPE is also going to homeless shelters, to traveling nurses, dentists offices and elsewhere, to people and places that we may not ordinarily think of.

As Promess engineer Stephanie Price puts it, “We are very interested in serving local dentists and assisted living facilities which often are last in line for this kind of PPE. We can do both, and we fully intend to keep producing PPE as long as the need exists.”

Yes, another fine company. With a bit of a difference.

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