| 10:53 AM EST

Quality Seat Build in Alabama

#Hyundai #Lear


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Although there is nothing on this conveyor system at the Lear Corporation (lear.com) 94,000-ft2 seating plant in Montgomery, AL, know that at peak production there are 1,000 seat sets per day rolling along the assembly lines in the plant. The assembly lines make use of this non-synchronous looping conveyor system. The conveyor and control for the system that sequences seats and monitors the build quality of the seats was provided by Integrated Systems Design (isddd.com). The seats are assembled on pallets. The pallets are fitted with RFID chips. This allows tracking of progress, and information at each station is obtained (e.g., torque and angle) so that there is a record of each assembly. Any detected failure results in the routing of defective seats to a repair station. RFID tags are also used for the outbound shipping sequence control system, also provided by Integrated Systems Design. The seats built in the Lear plant are shipped to the nearby Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Plant for installation in Sonatas and Santa Fes.