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Ram Black Express: What Would Batman Drive?

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There has long been something of a rivalry between Superman and Batman. Sort of like the Beatles and the Stones.

For the Man of Steel film, which Ram has a tie-in, Ram designers in Auburn Hills crafted a one-off Power Wagon for Supes, which looks like this:


It is Dark Ceramic Gray with a high-gloss black roof and Anodized Red Grille accents. It took 17 coats to get the look. There is the Superman logo where the Ram head otherwise would be smack in the middle of the grille. And the inside is similarly Kryptonian.

This is the Ram Black Express:


It is a real Ram 1500 truck that you can get at your local Ram dealer, starting at $26,955 (plus $1,095 destination). In fact, you can get it with a regular, quad or crew cab, two- or four-wheel drive.

It is all black. Black paint. Black 20-in. aluminum wheels. Black front fascia. Black grille surround. Black hex grille inserts. Black rear bumper. Black Ram’s head badges.

Those Ram badges could be replaced by the Batman logo. Seriously.

Not quite as over the top as the Superman Ram, but then Batman always was a bit more down to earth.

And, yeah, it’s got a HEMI in it.

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